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reclaimWILD is an urban design consultancy.


Our team helps you plan, design, and develop ecologically conscious and sustainable landscapes, buildings and construction projects. We help you create more energy efficient, closed loop and circular energy buildings.

  • urban planning eco-designs

  • blue and green infrastructure elements for SUWM/SUDS (sustainable urban water management/sustainable urban drainage systems)

  • net-zero and zero+ design systems for zero carbon footprint

  • productive gardens and green spaces

  • low energy homes and buildings

  • regenerative designs


Instagreen is a biotechnology which combats air pollution, filters water, and fights urban heat island effect. 

Cities need greenery, but often this is expensive, difficult and labour intensive. Instagreen takes the guesswork out of introducing nature into the built environment by making it easy, much cheaper than available options, and effective.

The concept of Instagreen is ecofriendly and simple:

  • it's made of a patentable blend of natural growing materials

  • it sticks to any surface without damaging it, even glass

  • it grows without any aid, and is formulated to last 

  • rain, ambient moisture, and the complex blend of ingredients is enough to keep it alive and hydrated


Just apply it, and let it do it's thing.

No costly infrastructure retrofits, no need to add or remove wall facades, no need to pay for costly maintenance.

Easy, inexpensive and effective. 


Urban spaces are becoming less healthy for people and environment. Click title to read about the benefits of greenery.

Green space

Green spaces are lacking in urban settings. Our environment is our haven.


reclaimWILD consultants, 

designers and creators of green urban spaces. 


Revolutionizing the way cities green.



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Instagreen will be the future of cities. One of the best ideas we've seen in a long time. 

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